127 cm x 127 cm Diomede framed white mockup 2

Abstract landscapes by Belgian artist Philippe Van Gele

The abstract landscapes by Philippe Van Gele, allow you to travel to mythical, foreign places. Every painting is inspired by an existing, yet remote location like Svalbard or Bromo. Each landscape expresses a strong, astonishing power and demands of the viewer active participation. As an artist, Philippe Van Gele wants to enable you to wander into your own imagination of these idyllic places.

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Discover more abstract art in galleries all over the world

The abstract landscapes inspired by the world, can also be explored in various art galleries around the world. When gazing at the paintings in Belgium, The Netherlands, Mallorca, France and even China, you forget time and place.

Philippe Van Gele already participated in multiple solo and group shows organised by these galleries.

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