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Through the years, Philippe Van Gele already mastered a distinctive personal style and has participated in multiple international exhibitions. 
The abstract landscapes demand of you, the viewer, an active participation. Therefore they have been positively received by the public. They represent a dream of foreign, evocative lands.

Wander the world, with abstract artworks

Cala Goloritzé, Naitauba, Styggevatnet... Chances are that you don't know these places. Not yet. The artist will let you experience those idyllic landscapes.
Every painting allows you to travel both the world and your own imagination. You will not immediately know where the artwork brings you to, and that’s its power. So intriguing is the play of strokes and colours. So breathtaking is the landscape. Let it speak to your imagination, because when you do so, you will understand the story it tells.

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So, look closely and observe every swipe of the paint. The landscape will become more real. You will experience different things: hear the music, smell the scents, feel the textures of this mystical place. Enjoy the impression it leaves. Just for one moment you’re no longer here, but wandering around your own thoughts and fantasy.

Because that is the purpose of the abstract landscape. It’s an escape from the things around you. The artwork is a way to discover the beauty of mythical places, without any prejudice or existing social construct. It leaves a personal, lifelike impression and has to move you. The story is not revealed in the blink of an eye. Only when you interact with it, you will discover it.

Discover the landscapes

The unique technique

Not only is the story behind the artworks carefully thought out. So is the technique. Philippe Van Gele considers each work an experiment of textures. The acrylic paint is worked on at length. Different colours are blended under and over each other, dripped and scratched away again. The end result is a powerful landscape, with alternating hazy and oozing colours. You will never have the same impression twice.

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